Daily 1-2-3

My second post after a while. To understand this collection of numbers and actual associations I come up with today, here’s some of the story behind all this:

First of all, it’s summer. This isn’t too surprising as it’s already late july and we are all able to tell the seasons. But this summer is different. It’s been crappy. Lots of rain and wind and I actually had to wear a hat and scarf! But not today, no, sir! While working in our new flat, I didn’t notice the heat that slowly crept over the city this morning. In fact, I nearly took a jacket with me, when I left my current flat. But now that I’m back home in my place under the roof, it’s so HOT! And I can’t sleep. And when I can’t sleep, I start making lists in my head. Sometimes I write them down, but I’m never gonna show them anyone. Instead, I thought it would make a great opportunity to wipe some dust from this blog and post my list here.

But you’ll need some more background for this one. My boyfriend and I haven’t been living together so far. On weekdays, we stayed at my place and on weekends, I stayed at his parent’s place. That’s been a neverending story for the last two years. Now that my boyfriend starts his research for his PhD, we get to move in together. Finally!! We had a look around at some flats near the university and my nursing school and found the perfect place.

Our perfect place just needs a ‘little’ improvement before we can move in for good. And that’s what I’ve been doing these past weeks. That’s all you need to know so far. Have fun reading my list and maybe send me yours!


I’ve been awake for seventeen hours so far – no end in sight!


The temperature in my room are about 24°C and overruling the little nagging voice that keeps telling me to get in bed already!


I got two rooms done today (painting etc.) and need to paint two more tomorrow.


That means, there are already four rooms done already! We’re getting there!


It’s already 1am!! Holy Cow!


My boyfriend grunted nine times in his sleep (yes, HE can sleep!) while I’ve been typing this.


He tossed around three times.


My pulse speeds up to 180 as soon as I remember that my laptop is suffering from a virus. Poor baby!


I can see ten boxes, filled up with books, games and DVD’s waiting to get hauled away to our new place.


There are 373 pages of Fifty Shades Darker that are begging to be read.


But there are only 57 minutes of battery left. Damn them eBooks!


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