I admit it:

I am a chicken!

No, I didn’t grow wings and feathers and yes, I did take my pills today. But did you ever had a day when you wish your attitude was more Kate Moss ‘I don’t give a damn about what you think of me!’ and less Paranoia Girl ‘Let’s just not do anything that makes other people take notice of you!’? Yeah, today is such a day. You see, I just can’t believe the opportunities I let slip by in my life. Some much bigger than others. And I just let another one slip by. Not only that, I even waved until I couldn’t see it anymore.

And I tried so hard this time!!

Well, here’s the case: I went grocery shopping today and on the way to the supermarket I came across a huge pile of junk. Chairs, half a couch, ugly cupboards and the perfect lampshade for a crafting project I’m just DYING to get my hands on! Guess what? I just walked by it. I was too scared to take it. I mean, it’s junk, right? It lay there, on the STREET for Pete’s sake…and I just continued on my way to get carrots and bread.

From the moment I saw it, I was thinking: ‘When you are done shopping, you HAVE to go back and take it home! You want the effing thing? Take it!’ If it was for a friend, I would have turned around and got it for her or him. THAT’s okay, somehow. But for myself? Naah. The police is across the street and it’s actually forbidden to ‘steal’ this junk.

It wasn’t even broken! I’m a nut-case, I know. Instead of writing this, I should put my Converse back on and get it. But I can’t. I’m a chicken. Meh.

There it is.


6 thoughts on “Chicken!

    • Danke! 🙂 Ich finde, auf Englisch kann man sich noch viel besser ausdrücken als auf Deutsch 😀

      Und ich glaube ich werd bei Sonnenuntergang doch nochmal losdackeln und den Lampenschirm holen. ^^

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