Is This Thing On? (Migraine)

I am sitting here with my huge headphones on, because it’s the only way I can function today. As I mentioned in a post before, my health condition isn’t the best. Apart from hypothyreosis, I suffer from essential hyperpression and migraine.

The source of these dysfunctions haven’t been found yet and I rely on heavy medication to get through another day without a heart attack. And, as you can see, a huge amount of humor also takes an important place in my daily routine. Some doctors look quite shocked when they first meet me and listened to my seemingly endless list of physical problems. Then the shocked face has to make room for the sad eyes, followed by The Frown and ending with this nervous playing with their pens. When it comes to this I know I have to find another doctor that has some more ideas on what might be wrong.

And that brings us to today. Whenever I lost hope in yet another professional, I have to resolve to my meds and my headphones. Sometimes the best help is the one we offer ourselves. A few months ago I was looking for some music for an autogenic training session. I’ve run out of suitable music after a few weeks and it stopped the whole success I had with this kind of relaxation programm.

What I’m going to write now is not based on statistics or science. It’s based purely on my experience.

Next to some lovely background music for my relaxation training, I found music that supposedly helps with pain relief. I was quite sceptical at first, even though I learned in school that music can have a very positive effect on the brain. I believed it then and I thought, why not trying it now? I know Largo works wonders while studying. I remember thinking, that it couldn’t possibly hurt any more than it already did, could it?



Boy, was I ever wrong. The first video made it even worse and I lost sight in my left eye completely for the duration of the music. But don’t worry, that’s nothing out of ordinary with my kind of migraine. I have this aura that changes my eye-sight while the attack lasts. After that it’s back to normal. Many others do, too, so it’s nothing to worry about. I can’t drive a car, anyway.

I was shocked, but also intrigued. This was fascinating! Somehow this music manipulates my brain. And if it can make it worse (like no other everyday sound did before) it can make it better, too! And I’m glad I didn’t stop trying there and then. I soon discovered that my brain responds to isotronic beats in a very negativ way, while gamma waves and bineural beats are quite the opposite. I’m going to do a little research on these and I’ll keep you posted on how this works.

But that’s essentially why, if the weather turned from sun to thunderstorm in less than 10 hours, you’ll find I won’t answer the phone or the door. I’m literally deaf to the world around me, while I have my little music therapy sessions.

If you ever want to try this, please remember the following aspects I discovered:

First, there is a good chance you might get rid of your head-ache for a short period of time. But I now discovered that when I listen to this music without having a head-ache, my brain knows something’s amiss and I get a head-ache. It’s not as intense as migraine, but it’s close.

Second, don’t rely on it too much. I guess it’s like some sort of drug: you use it too often, you’ll show signs of deprivation. Use it only in extreme situations and when you really really really have to. I use it everytime I feel that my blood-pressure is too high. I can’t risk taking pain-killers then. That’s why I use it.

Last, but not least: eat something before you try this and don’t use this, when you are on any kind of numbing medication. You’ll get dizzy, feel sick and you might act like a monkey on drugs.


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