It’s time for: New Year’s Resolutions!

Last year I had only three premises for 2013: Eat, sleep, survive!

This year I’m up for a little upgrade on those pretty basic resolutions. For 2014 I’m going to make three lists. There are things I’m sure I can pull them through, some that I’m pretty sure about and some that are so crazy, I’m likely to break by Jan 3rd. And here they come:

New Year’s Resolutions (very positive)

  1. Drink a glass of water each day! – Now, you may wonder where this comes from and I’m going to tell you: I. HATE. WATER. It’s disgusting, but healthy. So here I am, trying to do this evil deed for myself.
  2. Read 5 books!
    – I have so many books and so little time. And it’s time I take some time for reading! 5 books aren’t so hard. I won’t count Manga, alright.
  3. Finish your job!
    – Really, it’s only five more months. I CAN DO THIS!!! …I hope. So far I had four accidents involving one child and some of my bones. She’s at the wrong school and everyone has to suffer from her behaviour (inculding herself). Only 5 more months…
  4. Finish Star Trek: Deep Space Nine!
    – I know, I just started watching Doctor Who (again) but there are only 14 more episodes of this aweful Star Trek-show. My fiance is going to be SO happy I watched all of them with him. I can do this! I can do this!

New Year’s Resolutions (kinda positive)

  1. Start and finish Star Trek: The Next Generation!
    – I hope we have the time to do this! I really LOVE that show, but I’ve never seen all episodes in the right order. MAKE IT SO!
  2. Clean the windows every second month!
    – It shouldn’t be so difficult, should it?
  3. Get rid of at least two boxes full of clothes!
    – One is already packed, but the ‘getting rid of’-part is pretty tough. I’m too lazy to put them on eBay.
  4. Prepare your protocols in advance!
    – We are speaking of four protocols. That shouldn’t be too hard. Usually I start and finish them the night before the deadline. That has to stop!
  5. Drink two glasses of water a day!
    – Ugh!
  6. Read 10 books!
    – That is going to be hard, but I’ll try my best!

New Year’s Resolutions (no can do!)

  1. Clean the windows once a month!
    – Am I a slave, or what?
  2. Stop eating Junk Food!
    – HA! Riiiiight.
  3. Drink three glasses of water a day!
    – Alright, but only if one of them is juice or Coca Cola. No? Damn!
  4. Start and Finish Star Trek: Voyager!
  5. Read The Hunger Games Trilogie!

I’ll revisit this threat…sorry, thread!…this time next year. Anyone that wants to join in on the fun? Let’s compare our lists! :))


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